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First responders in law enforcement, fire and/or emergency medical services need access to top-notch gear and attire for an affordable price in order to save lives. 5.11 Tactical is bridging the gap for the way we purchase products in the public safety industry by partnering with Savvik Buying Group.

In its beginnings, 5.11 Tactical had the unique opportunity to partner through The FBI training academy. They adopted the original 5.11 pants as its official training gear in 1992, forging a decades-long relationship that drives 5.11’s commitment to public safety and the first responder community. In its mission to uphold innovative approaches and up-to-date industry trends, 5.11 debuts new product launches twice a year during the spring and fall. Its designers work together with public safety professionals to create gear that meets the needs of real people in the field.

Incorporating 5.11 Tactical’s mission and values in Savvik’s world-class cooperative buying power in the public safety sector will enhance the distribution force of high quality apparel and gear to the end user.

Tyler Janny, 5.11 Tactical Director of Fire & EMS says, “Technology is changing the way we buy product. Orders can be processed efficiently, 24/7 with site compatibility on phones. Savvik’s platform will create a unique relationship and niche as a nonprofit buy group, because it allows our distribution center to be directly available to the end user for visibility and convenience.”

5.11’s commitment to its connection with the public safety realm and its unique brand DNA structure is exemplified by its quality and value of its products. Members can find head-to-toe apparel and gear as follows:

Savvik Buying Group’s strategic partnership with 5.11 Tactical will enhance the buying experience for public safety professionals while building a niche target to each community. As partnerships grow, opportunities expand for the greater good of saving lives. 5.11 Tactical’s commitment to dependable, high quality products derived from customer insight and valued business relationships helps to improve the trends of technological purchasing platforms in the public safety realm. Thanks to 5.11, members can always be ready with functional and innovate gear, head to toe.

Plus, special congrats to these winners who will enjoy a pair of boots thanks to  our Perfect Pair launch,  and a future Savvik Says blog post just for sharing their practical tactical story.


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