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For almost 15 years, the Emergency Services organization and consultant team at Fitch & Associates have provided an informative and cultivating forum for its attendees. For Fitch & Associates, this conference is more than just talking about healthcare and what differences EMS can make, it’s about networking and giving leadership to those involved in Emergency Medical Services.

Anthony Minge, Ed.D., Senior Partner at Fitch & Associates, has seen this conference grow throughout his years of directing, educating and consulting. Minge serves as the co-chair for the Pinnacle Leadership Forum and works closely with all of those involved. Minge explains just why this conference is so important.

“Pinnacle started and wanted to be lead based and help leadership grow industry-wide. [This conference] gives those in this business the ability to meet new customers and gain time with the decision makers.”

Minge also explains how the attendees will be able to hear from speakers and step back and think about their roles and how they can influence the EMS business through controversial and educational topics.

With the Pinnacle Leadership Forum always having great speakers, the attendance is even higher in Phoenix. This year’s keynote speaker is John O’ Leary, motivational speaker and survivor of a fire at age nine, which burnt 100% of his body. Since then, O’Leary has traveled and designated his life to tell his story. Those in attendance at the conference will be able to hear from O’Leary and understand how the emergency services professionals truly helped him during his rescue and life afterward.

There will be 70 sponsors at the conference giving all the clients inspiration, motivation and one-on-one time in an intimate and comfortable setting.

“[Pinnacle] is a cutting-edge conference where those involved can come by themselves or with their families and give them the tools to learn and celebrate what we all do every day. [This conference] really is unique and one of a kind.”

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