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Jim Thomas is depicted standing with his daughter who follows her father’s footsteps in the EMS industry.

Jim Thomas, owner and operator of, provides an educational online platform that is paving the way of how fire fighters and EMS professional learn at a low cost. It is vital for EMS providers and firefighters to maintain a high level of training and development throughout the course of their careers to safely and efficiently provide their services. offers a variety of online EMS and firefighter continuing education courses that allow professionals to expand the level of knowledge needed to provide a standard of care and service that goes far beyond basic proficiency.

Thomas has been on the forefront of EMS and fire for 30 years. In being in the EMS realm of the Cleveland Fire Department and retiring as a battalion chief in Ohio, he has made it his mission to continue education through the digital age with the help of his managing partner, Bill Sweeney. Thomas says, “Maintaining your knowledge as the industry advances is fundamentally important for overall safety of the first responder and patient. There will always be new medications, equipment and guidelines to educate yourself on and keeping the courses fresh though helps to save lives.”

Thomas realized the need for an expansive online training program when he noticed the declined retention rate in his classes. Thomas says, “A lot of it was schedule-based conflicts due to the irregular, extensive hours worked by our professionals. Of course, you can’t ask them to come off duty and duties become restrictive when public safety workers rely on the limited resources of each other. It is extremely dangerous to floor pull and safety is key, not only for the patient, but to the person putting themselves on the line every day.”

Whether fire or EMS, shift hours can range from 12-hour days to 24-hour days depending on where the individual works. With the availability and convenience of, working professionals can gain an educational advantage by taking the courses wherever and whenever possible. It is improving the way people learn without the overlapped consequences of trying to maintain a balance between work, school and personal life. is setting the courses based on affordable prices, like its $35 cost of unlimited access, as well as being CAPCE accredited and being available on a nationwide scale. The platform offers continuing education programs for a wide variety of emergency service fields, including:

All courses available for EMS and fire fighter can be found by following the courses tab on its website. The benefits of the continuing education program provide convenience and affordability for the individual as well as having online tech support in a user friendly-format of taking the courses. is paving the way public safety professionals can stay up-to-date on all advancements in the industry while maintaining the busy work and life balance.

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