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When addressing the needs of a community during emergency disasters, all angles need to be analyzed from federal, state and impacted organizations in order to build total resilience. In times of destruction and despair, what is it going to take to keep your community standing? Suzanne Frew, President and Founder of the California Bay Area’s The Frew Group (TFG), provides insight from her background and expertise in connecting all pieces together to create the bigger picture of rebuilding the socioeconomic landscape in each community in the wake of disasters while bringing people together stronger than ever.

Frew’s life experiences helped launch her into a very successful career path. Frew’s background helped her capture every worldview and notice patterns in the way people connect and behave in each sociological setting.  Graduating from The University of Alabama, she earned her undergrad in Public Relations and International Welfare. Later, she obtained her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Documentary Photography and Video from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has been an expert in community resilience for more than 30 years. Her building blocks of experience has helped her create her own empire of a business, The Frew Group, which specializes in an alternate trajectory of looking through the lens of helping businesses, government agencies, academia and community organization bridge cultural divides while building community resilience in the wake of disasters. They are the first responders of communication and organizational team building.

Frew says, “Cultural profile building is a must.” For instance, when major, catastrophic events happen from hurricanes to mass shootings, how does a community weather the challenges and conflicts without having to leave their habitation? Professionals have to know the specific demographics and each system within the community while observing the available technology and being mindful of the service delivery for action plans. When bridging levels of social equity, one has to notice the coordinating patterns of expanding more than one mouthpiece in strategic communications, social media, media production, outreach campaigns, training workshops and crisis communications. These separate entities help communities get back up when all the pieces synchronize together in perfect harmony.

In a time of crisis, specialized, boutique businesses such as TFG and experts like Suzanne Frew help build community resilience and engagement in helping entire communities get back up when they get knocked down. Her ability to see every angle of each pattern throughout her life has made her a master class act of being able to help others and see the “human factor” when a disaster occurs. From the best implication for sending each message to the right target audience to strategic, disaster management, Suzanne Frew is the one communities look for during the time of reshaping community resilience.

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