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Some desks are covered with yellow stick-it notes with odd sayings like snoopy olives or Florida 1978. Many drawers, and even pockets and purse compartments, have old dog names and street addresses on the back sides of gum wrappers.

They are reminders that all are written with good intentions, yet never looked at or used. Savvik is well aware of the member login debacle we all face. So thank Savvik for not only being the leader in affordable and effective products, vendors and supplies within the EMS world but also for eliminating log-in woes!

Now, you can simply click on the upper right-hand corner of the home page and enter your information. You will be prompted with your correct credentials to have access to money-saving products and vendors, as well as access to the new online store. Logging into Savvik regularly will allow you consistent access to products, vendors, customers, and fellow Emergency Medical Service provider testimonials to enhance and improve your lifestyle.

We can also give kudos to Savvik for eliminating the use of too much paper with its no need for post-it notes, thank Savvik for no complaints of clutter and eyesores due to the collage of yellow stick-its around the computer screen, and for giving our 24-hour, racing minds a well needed log-in rest. Make sure to check in with Savvik regularly for all of your EMS needs!

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