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Identifying the need for an effective training chest seal, North American Rescue has developed the HyFin®Chest Seal Trainer. Understanding the need and importance of the form, fit, and function of training devices, the HyFin®Chest Seal Trainer provides a cost effective solution to equip providers with the best training alternative, other than using the actual device, for both vented and occlusive chest seals. Specifically designed to increase user familiarity, the HyFin®Chest Seal Trainer utilizes the same template as the HyFin®Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack, but uses a less aggressive adhesive designed for effective chest seal application on both human skin and a training manikin. This allows for training of proper placement of not only the chest seal itself, but also of the vent over a simulated wound.

The unique formulation of adhesive gel is designed to adhere to the surface that it is applied to, but not to damage training manikin, leave behind excessive adhesive residue, or cause significant amounts of pain when used on human training subjects. Delivered in the same form and style of the HyFin®Chest Seal, the HyFin®Chest Seal Trainer provides a cost effective training solution that allows for the direct application and performance of the required motor skills and steps for proper application of an occlusive dressing. Packaged in the same rugged, compact foil pouch, the HyFin®Chest Seal Trainer also features a unique perforated package that allows the student to open only one chest seal if needed. Made in America and 100% latex free, NAR packages each chest seal using its signature Red Tip Technology®red tear notches in a rugged, easy-to-open, foil pouch to ensure high quality performance.

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