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Michigan Instruments Thumper Auto CPR – Custom Quote

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We prefer the personal touch on bigger purchases.  Due to the amount of custom units available from Michigan Instruments, Savvik will quote you directly.

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Perfect, Hands-Free, Automatic CPR

Let the CPR machine do the work for you! The Thumper delivers compressions to the patient in accordance with the latest AHA guidelines. Compressions are uninterrupted allowing your team to focus on the underlying cause of the arrest.

Lightweight and Easy to Operate

The Thumper is lightweight (19 lbs.) and easy to use.  It can be incorporated into a hospital “crash cart” setup, or it may be stored in a case that is easily accessed and fits into most standard ambulance storage compartments. Setting the unit up takes seconds and requires minimal interruption to CPR.

It Doesn’t Quit

Thumper provides perfect CPR for as long as you need.  Your team can focus on other treatment and procedures and remain confident that the patient is receiving perfect, uninterrupted compression



Known as The Thumper, Model 1007CC is a mechanical CPR device designed to deliver continuous chest compressions to a patient in a state of acute cardiac arrest. Light-weight and easy to use, the transition from manual CPR can be done with minimal interruption to compressions.  Read on to learn more about the absolute best value in Automated CPR available today!

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