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Nashville is known for many unique attractions from The Grand Ole Opry to a full-scale reproduction of the Greek Parthenon. There are sights to see, things-to-do, and even a one-of-a-kind, acclaimed Tomato Arts Fest every year. The “Music City” has wondrous, sightseeing treasures throughout the city. This year, EMS World Expo will be planting its roots in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee from October 29 – November 2, 2018.

With its focus on trending and modern curriculums and emerging EMS technologies, EMS World Expo still stands as the largest EMS-related expo event in the world. The event is hosted in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), which altogether offers two days of interactive Pre-Con Workshops and three days of Conference Sessions and Exhibits. More than 5,700 people from 50+ countries gather to view an array of 360+ exhibitors during the five-day educational training and evolving information sessions in the EMS industry.

The EMS World Trade Expo keeps growing to new heights every year, similar to the success of Savvik Buying Group.  In 1997, the non-profit organization had three members from its birth. Today, the prosperous company has over 7,500 agencies in 50 US states, Canada, Mexico, Columbia and a handful of provinces, which combine their purchasing powers as members of the Savvik Buying Group.

As Savvik grows, so do its opportunities with its participation in the EMS World Trade Expo 2018. Expect this year to be filled with surprises, from new unveilings of news to updates of the Savvik Buying Group. There will be new offerings and contracts to showcase at the end of the month as well as a rollout of a larger support vehicle. Additionally, its website will be under construction in order to improve user navigation quality to new and existing members. Be sure to visit Booth 1034 in order to partake in its new offerings and promotions during the weekend.

YaJagoff Media Partners Rachael Rennebeck and John Chamberlin will be joining Savvik in order to promote Savvik and the EMS World Trade Expo with interactive video content, photos, interviews and more. The talkative, upbeat personalities will be participating with individuals during the two-hour training classes with association leaders and showcasing EMS World Trade Expo floor profiles of vendors and existing partners of Savvik.

Mickey Schulte, Executive Director of Savvik Buying Group, says, “We are looking forward to the new changes of Savvik Buying Group and doing it at the EMS World Trade Expo 2018 is the perfect time to unveil the exciting happenings.”

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the exciting happenings and unveilings by following Savvik Buying Group on social media through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Stay tuned for the growth and success of Savvik Buying Group through the EMS World Trade Expo 2018!

EMS World Expo 2018

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