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Consider LinkedIn the water cooler of all water coolers fully equipped with a first-in bag. It is the business, company, organization hub that attracts and contains content from connecting vendors and manufacturers to trade articles that relate to specific professions.  It is new to Savvik, and it is easy to follow.

While the buzz surrounding social media platforms has benefits to each including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat, LinkedIn is solely for business relations and creates an easy network of business professionals who can reach out to other like professionals about related topics and share! This was also the next natural succession for Savvik to utilize.

Savvik Buying Group has mastered the connection of affordable products with people who need them, and LinkedIn best supports that process.  In fact, the similarities as a tool are uncanny based on the top five ways this social media platform works best:

B2B Networking

Finding vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other third-party resources is simple. The platform is designed to connect people and companies with like interests, and chances of finding a partner you can trust are greatly increased with the power of the network.

 B2C Networking

Brand building is a vital part of any business plan, and a well-managed profile can serve as a flagship for branding. By keeping active and posting, brand building happens bit by bit, increasing likeability and gradually building the trust of the potential customer base through timely, relevant, and interesting posts.

Lead Generation

Networking with possible consumers by optimizing an account profile and company page, as well as consistently posting relevant and unique content, are both key elements of getting the most from the social network


Your dynamic and consistently relevant LinkedIn profile is sure to attract inquiries and applications from top talent who are using the network to find great job opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, LinkedIn offers a perfect avenue through which to interact with your customer base, with surveys, messaging and comments. If done right, this can provide a perfect means for achieving great customer satisfaction levels and showing you are a company that cares.

Out of the pages of Savvik Buying Group. Have you visited our LinkedIn page? Savvik says visit!

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