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The sales and marketing of any product is a check and balance process.  Who is interested? What is the hook to the product? When will the product be used? Where does the product belong? Why is the product of importance and how is it different than others like it? All of these questions play a part in successfully growing and selling a product.  Savvik proudly plays the part of an agency touting the benefits of their customer products, without the common woes.

The top 3 concerns for proper business promotion and marketing includes:



*lack of knowledge and talent.

For Savvik, it pays to be a member since Savvik acts as an agency with its advertising and awareness capabilities.  Industry-renowned for its bidding accolades, Savvik is certain to be accountable for all of its customers strategically identifying the benefits of each customer, and product, without creating complacency.  Learning and knowing the positives of each of Savvik’s customers and products is key to properly marketing.  Savvik strives in accountability, knowledge and most importantly customer service.

Savvik Members start benefitting immediately thanks to the following savvy capabilities:

● National bid pricing

● Over 200,000 IT SKUs through Savvik e-store portal

● Pre-sales Support

● Custom quotes

● Free Shipping on orders over $750

● 1% rebate on annual member spend > $10,000

With a lengthy vendor, customer and product list, Savvik understand tech-savvy needs as well as mobility, so TKK Electronics was the ideal collaboration. TKK Electronics understands that not all professionals work inside an office building. When performing duties outdoors and in the community, you need technology that can function reliably in the toughest conditions. TKK specializes in providing customers with the latest in rugged laptops, tablets, and other electronic equipment for unparalleled rugged mobility providing the guarantee that your technology works everywhere you do.

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