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There are always helping hands throughout the public safety industry with new initiatives, assistance and opportunities to improve patient care. In recent celebratory news, The Savvik Foundation and the American Ambulance Association (AAA) have launched a grant program exclusively available to Savvik member ambulance services who are 1.) classified as rural or super-rural and 2.) who are preparing to comply with the Cost Data Collection program through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Through Savvik Member purchases under contracts, the Savvik Foundation was able to fund grant dollars through AAA to provide more opportunities of resource accessibility and transparency to it members.

Executive Director Mickey Schulte says, “We are happy to provide more opportunities in order to enhance the public safety sector through educational, technological and resource support. A grant like this will surely open more avenues to fuel innovation for qualifying members.”

The Savvik Foundation prides itself on the creativity through innovation, accountability through transparency and collaboration with other thought leaders. Partnering with AAA for Savvik members is leading the way for the public safety industry in gaining the most value for innovation by working together.

Through this grant, services classified as rural or super-rural will be eligible to receive a year gold level subscription to AAA’s Ambulance Cost Education program which includes access to experts on cost collection, access to AMBER software and free registration to Webinars and Regional Workshops.

The gold level subscription to AAA’s Ambulance Cost Education Program also includes:



Qualifying members can follow the link below to complete the application:


This milestone achievement for The Savvik Foundation would not be possible without the helping hands of purchases made through the Savvik Buying Group contracts. Both entities of Savvik are thankful for the progress and forged opportunities made with AAA to provide more assistance and educational support for rural and super-rural Savvik members.

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