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The new and improved SAVVIK and UNA relationship is more than just 1 + 1 equaling 2! Certainly, both organizations offer their members group pricing on products that are relatable to their membership base. But there is a new exponential synergy in the updated relationship between the two organizations. So, why are they doubling down and making their relationship even stronger?

UNA President/CEO Anthony Clervi looked at the 5-year relationship with SAVVIK.  When he and SAVVIK Executive Director, Mickey Schulte, sat down to review their working agreement, both decided that it was a good time to go all-in with their relationship.

UNA offers similar types of services to SAVVIK as far as providing organization members group pricing, special offers, and preferential customer service for various services and products.  However, the relationship is far greater than just the 2 organizations coming together.  The purchasing power and the offerings to the members is exponentially greater than the sum of the 2.

According to Mr. Clervi, “SAVVIK is our first entry into the EMS/public safety market and SAVVIK will be our only public safety partner. What I see is what the everyday person has going on. The EMS and public safety industry, in general, is a very much overlooked vocation. From a general public point of view, ‘we only care about you when we need you.’ We want to change that mindset. As a company, UNA loves that we can partner with an organization that understands and supports those in these under-recognized careers.”

What are the specifics? UNA has provided SAVVIK members deals on hotels and wireless services, for example, for the last 5 years.  The relationship then moved into an agreement for the provision of Medsurg supplies. Now, UNA has looked at expanding the SAVVIK offering even further into service lines such as website design and marketing support.  The bottom line, according to Mr. Clervi. “We love the mission of SAVVIK and we want to be a part of helping those who help others every day.”

More is to come from the UNA/SAVVIK relationship so be sure to use your login credentials to review what great deals we have for you, as an individual and your EMS, fire or law enforcement agency.  And remember, SAVVIK provides an opportunity for you to support your favorite non-profit organization, even your own, with every dollar that you spend!

For more, see video of UNA President/CEO Anthony Clervi below.

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