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For over 30 years, Ambulance Information Management (AIM) has provided ambulance billing services to the national community. With a mission of dispatching, providing positive patient care charting and QA processes, AIM has serviced those EMS agencies who perform basic and critical care EMS.

Since then, they have teamed up with different service providers, including Savvik, to connect with the EMS community. Much like AIM, Savvik’s goal is to bring the right and reputable materials to the providers of EMS.

Michael L. McIntyre, AIM Online EMS Software & Services CEO, explains how the company’s process has come a long way from a time when computers were just coming about, “[AIM] has really been a labor of love. It’s my calling.”

So, to the common eye, the duo makes a perfect match. AIM’s online software and billing system is used by many EMS billing vendors. The EMS billing software continues to help the business grow while the Savvik connection helps the needs of the pre-hospital Services with it’s give-back program.

McIntyre loves that AIM can contribute to the EMS community through Savvik.

“We are always looking for exposure. We love that we have the ability to get our word out with such a great channel partner.”

Michelle Corey, the Director of Operations at AIM, explains that communication is key in this partnership as well as understanding the importance of time, billing and opportunity.

“We’re fortunate to be able to build the community as well as communicate tips and educational material within the process.”

Savvik is exceptionally proud to welcome AIM to their team. For more information on the mission of AIM and the partnership with Savvik, contact AIM through their website or Savvik at

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