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Only decades later, EMS is evolving with professions darting in different directions. Amy Eisenhauer represents the build-your-own path that is paving way for ambulance services and emergency workers. There is an abundance of opportunities to harness in the industry, and Eisenhauer has created a blog called, The EMS Siren, in order to cultivate discussions in various topics such as hoarding events, alcohol use disorders, EMS mental health, EMS career development and more.

Eisenhauer performs clinical work as a care provider with an EMS agency in New Jersey on an ambulance once a week and presents at EMS conferences. In addition, she is an EMS educator that develops educational content and lectures online. Her passion for raising awareness on topics related to the EMS industry knows no bounds in her entrepreneurial spirit of helping others on and off the ambulance.

In high school, Eisenhauer ignited her passion for EMS from a sparking relationship with a high school boyfriend in motivating her to dive into the realm of EMS. She learned all of the trades from CPR classes to drivers training. Eisenhauer says, “I ditched the boyfriend but kept EMS though.”

Additionally, she works at an EMS consulting company along with her writing capabilities. With her advanced skills in writing, she has become a contributing author for EMS World Magazine in addition to her renowned blog.

Eisenhauer possesses the persistence and motivation to pave her own path in extending the realm of EMS. So, how does one do it? In a compact piece of advice, she says, “If you are interested in education or getting onto the teaching circuit, pick something that interests you in the industry, because it will be better perceived you’ll become more invested in it.” Be sure to pick a topic that would be of interest to you in order to ensure a flowing thought of creativity and innovation on the topic.

In reaching a larger audience there will be a lot a “No’s,” according to Eisenhauer, but she provides additional advice by saying to be persistent. Hard work comes with the entrepreneurial hustle, and Eisenhauer constantly uses her persistence to her advantage and has leveraged her career in the evolving age of EMS. There are more options for careers in EMS than there were 25 years ago, and Eisenhauer represents an ideal example of entrepreneurial innovation in improving the EMS community as a whole through drive, passion and commitment.

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