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Emergency Child Restraint

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• Transport children from 4lb (1.8 kg) to 110 lbs (50 kg).
• 3 color coded integrated, fully adjustable Emergency Child
Restraint harnesses.
• Includes 4 extra-long universal cot straps for any cot, without the
need to purchase ‘accessories/adaption’ kits or car seats.
• Ergonomically designed system to fit children of all size and shape.
• Unique quick reference color coded labelling system in line with
industry emergency treatment of children/color dosing systems.
• Full clinical access to a child’s torso for medical intervention,
without removing restraint while in use.
• Special fixing system, ensuring no downwards pressure on infant
during its use.
• Uniquely designed and protected soft touch system, which reduces
vibration for ultimate infant comfort.
• No stitching or velcro, ensuring maximum infection control for all.
• Easy to maintain bio safe cot straps and restraint material ensuring
100% cleanability, preventing dangerous vegetative and micobrial
• Fully Crash tested and exceeds current NASEMSO Guidelines.


The revolutionary Emergency Child Restraint is designed to safely
secure children during EMS transport in any emergency vehicle. Since
it is not acceptable for a child to be transported unrestrained on a
cot, whether it is a new-born or even a teenager, the Emergency Child
Restraint provides the perfect solution.
The 3 color coded Emergency Child Restraint harnesses covers a weight
range of between 4 and 110 lbs, offering the maximum protection
available for children of any size and weight, while also exceeding the
current NASEMSO guidelines. The Emergency Child Restraint has been
crash tested under the strictest of environments. Its design has no
stitching or velcro providing the ultimate protection and safety for you
and your patient in every use/application.
Designed with patient comfort in mind, the Emergency Child Restraint
has a unique soft touch system, with full clinical access to the torso,
without removing the restraint during transport.
It’s easy and simple to use system allows EMS crews complete peace of
mind when transporting children.

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