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Index-Tend Demo Wrecking Bar

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Index-Tend Demo Wrecking Bar (Pack of 1)


Unique tool design combines prying and demolition into a single bar. Index-tend features a 19” ergonomically-designed handle with a 3-1/2” cleated, nail-pulling foot. This versatile and aggressive tool delivers force and pressure to easily pry, wreck, pull, bust, destroy, and remove the “task at hand”. Additionally, the custom patented anti-fatigue impact resistant tri-lobular ergonomic handle provides the proper and safest grip with every use.• 27 indexing handle positions and 16 indexing foot positions turns 1 tool into 432 tools (27 x 16 = 432).• Foot indexes 240° in 20° increments.• Cleated foot for sustainable grip and grab surface contact.• Features 2 strategically placed nail extraction locations on the cleated foot.• Beveled entry tabs on the cleated foot allow for quick entry into tighter spaces.• Handle indexes in and cleated foot folds in, creating a 20-1/2” tool for easy storage.• Heavy-duty solid bar chrome vanadium construction.• Meets and exceeds ANSI requirements

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