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Pulsar Plus Smart EV Charger – Level 2

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Business Charging Solutions Compact design, powerful performance 240V, Level 2 charging technology

in an incredibly small size. Adjustable capacity from 16A to 40A or 48A depending on model.

Scalable Owners and operators can easily connect multiple chargers and manage their charger networks, growing their charging

infrastructure as needed.

Compatible Pulsar Plus fits every EV available in North America. Durable UL listed and NEMA Type 4 rated

watertight, Pulsar Plus is safe for indoor and outdoor installations. Connected With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

connectivity, users and charging network operators have multiple ways to connect to and control connected chargers.

Power Sharing Up to 25 Pulsar Plus chargers can be connected to a single electrical circuit, dynamically balancing power

delivery to connected vehicles while keeping total electrical demand within safe limits.

Network ready Available as an option, Pulsar Plus can be OCPP-ready and integrate with utility demand response programs and

charging networks.


The myWallbox platform enables control over multiple chargers, users, and groups, and provides access to

real-time statistics.


Wallbox Pulsar Plus is our most powerful and compact 240V, Level 2 EV charging solution.

Capable of delivering up to 11.5kW of charging power, Pulsar Plus is affordable and scalable,

growing with businesses and communities as their EV charging needs change.

NEMA Type 4 rated watertight and suitable for outdoor installations, Pulsar Plus can

charge any electric car on the market today and is future-ready to handle tomorrow’s

more powerful EV batteries

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