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Savvik Buying Group keeps an open dialogue and continued success with our vendors by building bridges in the public safety sector in order to deliver the best buying options. As first responders, cost should never be a worry. Be sure to save on products and services while saving lives.

Many key manufacturers have reached out to find out how they can help Savvik members save even further. Since last year, it gives Savvik Buying Group the commitment of continued success and utmost pleasure to be partnered with Henry Schein EMS for medical supplies. MedSource is the first Premier Vendor Partner with Savvik Buying Group and Henry Schein. Through a collaborative effort between Savvik Buying Group, Henry Schein, and MedSource, Savvik Buying Group has been able to further reduce the delivered costs and improve the level of MedSource branded products to the national Henry Schein contract.

These quality products provide outstanding value options on key items that are critical for the vendor partnerships and continued success. Recognized by Ethisphere, Savvik Buying Group is proud to associate itself with one of the most ethical companies in the United States, MedSource International.

#SavvikSays wants to provide transparent and useful information to its members in order to optimize on every savings opportunity.

Member benefits through MedSource is as follows:

As public safety professionals, cost should never be a worry in the field, because every life is priceless. MedSource International offers membership benefits through Savvik Buying Group while leaving out the challenges of competitive bid pricing for each business. We thank MedSource International for its partnership, and Savvik Buying Group continues its commitment to providing the best companies for its members in the public safety realm.

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