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2017 basically reinforced that Savvik says to save money and gain reputable, reliable products.  Plus, Savvik said it was important as a member to log-in and witness the savings and vast array of products at your fingertips; and to do so often.  But let’s face it, we didn’t, and we still don’t…at least enough.

Savvik refers to this faux pas as a “password malfunction.”  This is a diplomatically correct way to reference the ongoing ‘lack of log-in’ epidemic.  So, in 2018, Savvik has already made the resolution to make your log-in process easier.  But, pesky password malfunctions can linger.

That said, with #7 being notorious as a lucky number, Savvik researched and compiled the top 7 reasons passwords malfunction:

*User hasn’t hacker-proofed it perhaps by leaving the website log-ins open and logged into

*User has the same password for multiple log-ins

*User displays personal information as a password

*User shares passwords with others

*User creates a password that is too short or too weak

*User stores the password

*User habitually chooses recognizable patterns

Thanks to Savvik, the process is simple and “password malfunctions” can be avoided.  On the home page when logging in, users simply click ACCEPT and they can receive an email verifying the correct password and/or Savvik log-in number. Voila!  Password malfunction crisis averted. Savvik says in 2018, resolve to log-in every day and experience the savings.

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